Let's get it done

I was going to write a proper end-of-year post, but then I was enjoying the end of my vacation, and it didn't make much sense. Instead, this is part of my daily #Write2018, the hashtag Emily Drabinski suggested for daily writing this year.

This past year, I:

  • Traveled a lot. Within Oregon, to Astoria, Beaverton, Dallas, Klamath Falls, Madras, Monmouth, Newport, Pendleton, Portland, and Troutdale. To Chicago, Long Beach, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. Internationally, to Italy, where I traveled to Bologna, Ferrara, Rome, and Venice. I got to go to Cinecittà, which I have wanted to do since I was like, 18. I got to go back to places I hadn't been to since I was a child. New and old, lots of exploration.
  • Grew my hair out, just let it keep getting longer.
  • Attended a facilitation training with Oregon Humanities, and was so enamored that I proposed a Conversation Project, and have now facilitated 8 so far, with another half-dozen already scheduled for the rest of the year. Facilitation was the skill I focused on professionally this year. It is definitely the kind of thing where the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know. I am excited to keep poking at this and learning from dang smart people.
  • Was so mad, about so many things.
  • Didn't read a lot, but I man, there were some doozies. Also, listened to an audio book version of Fingersmith, which was a lovely way to reread a favorite.
  • Wrote a lot, even if I didn't write daily. By my count, I finished 3 book chapters and 3 journal articles, and made progress on other projects. I didn't present as much this year, but I did make my fave-ever conference zine, as well as several personal zines.

And, there goes the timer. I get all kinds of corny when it comes to reflecting on what happened, or what my intentions are for the future, but symbolically, letting this piece of writing be done because I have other good, challenging, interesting stuff to do is an excellent start to the new year. Keep on lovin', keep on fightin'.