Selected Publications

Fox, Violet, Kelly McElroy, Jude Vachon, and Kelly Wooten. "Each according to their ability : Zine librarians talking about their community" in The Politics of Theory and the Practice of Critical Librarianship, ed. Karen Nicholson and Maura Seale (2018).

McElroy, Kelly. "A Woman’s Work Is Never Done: Reference outside the Library" in The Feminist Reference Desk, ed. Maria Accardi (2017).

McElroy, Kelly. "But how do we do critical librarianship?" Oregon Library Quarterly 23, no. 2 (2017), 6-8.

McElroy, Kelly and Laurie Bridges. "Librarians Leading Short-term Study Abroad." In the Library with the Lead Pipe, (2017).

McElroy, Kelly, Dan Moore, Lori Hilterbrand, Nicole Hindes. "Access services are human services: Collaborating to Provide Textbook Access to Students." Journal of Access Services (2017), 1-12.

Pagowsky, Nicole and Kelly McElroy, ed. Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, 2 vols. Chicago: ACRL Press, 2016. You can buy it from ALA, find it in a library near you, or read many chapters that are available open access.

Keegan, Tom and Kelly McElroy. “Archives Alive!: librarian-faculty collaboration and an alternative to the five-page paper.” In the Library with the Lead Pipe (2015), 1-10.

Bridges, Laurie and Kelly McElroy. "Access to Information is (Not) a Universal Right in Higher Education: Librarian Ethics and Advocacy." International Review of Information Ethics 23 (2015), 35-46.

Elmborg, James, Heidi LM Jacobs, Kelly McElroy, and Robert Nelson. "Making a Third Space for Student Voices in Two Academic Libraries." Reference & User Services Quarterly 55, no. 2 (2015): 144-155.

Selected Presentations

“A Little About a Short Study- Abroad Course in Barcelona, and Everything You Always Wanted to Know about US Librarians.” With Laurie Bridges and Kenya Juarez. Generalitat de Catalunya Department de Cultura, Barcelona, Catalunya, July 2016.

“Language Justice in the Library Classroom.” Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium, February 2016.

“Let Your Love Open the Door to…Student Development Theories.” With Hannah Gascho Rempel and Laurie Bridges. ACRL WA-OR, Pack Forest WA, October 2015.

“But We’re Neutral!: and other fictions confronted by #critlib.” With Emily Drabinski, Fobazi Ettarh, Nicole Pagowsky, and Annie Pho. American Library Association Annual Conference, June 2015.

“Zine Libraries and Safer Spaces.” Allied Media Conference, Detroit, June 2015.

“Zines 101.” Oregon Library Association Annual Conference, Eugene, April 2015.

“Residency Programs and Demonstrating Commitment to Diversity.” With Chris Diaz. Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Portland, March 2015.



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Credit courses

Publishing Underground: A History of Publishing Technology and Radical Reform (undergraduate honors seminar) Winter 2017

English 200, Winter 2017-present

Their History, Your Story: Student Life at OSU Over the Years (first-year seminar) Fall 2016, Fall 2017

The Photocopier is Mightier Than The Sword (first-year seminar) Fall 2015

Being Responsible Online, University of Iowa