We'll take a cup of kindness yet

As many other people have noted, the chaotic, tragic, confounding circumstances of 2016 are at odds with personal achievements and moments of joy. Here were some big ones for me this year, personally and professionally:

  1. With my awesome colleague Laurie Bridges, I led a study abroad course to Barcelona with 8 awesome students.
  2. My sweetie finally moved in with me after two years long distance.
  3. The books I edited with Nicole Pagowsky came out!
  4. I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time.
  5. We created a new, student-led reading collection in our library, and now I get to work with two fantastic student workers.
  6. I helped organize conversations in my community about white supremacy, racism, and what white people need to do about it.
  7. I bought a last-minute ticket to South America! 
  8. After four (hard, rewarding) years on GLBTRT book committees, I came around to reading for pleasure again.
  9. I got back into daily journaling after a few years out of the habit.

What's next in 2017? More listening, more writing, more reading, more resistance, more loving, more cat-petting.