Traveling Year in Review: Library Edition

There are many ways to reflect on the end of the year. I did way, way more international traveling this year than I usually do, and like the nerd I am, I went to libraries in many of those countries. I thought I'd collect some of the photos from those visits


I was in Barcelona teaching a short-term study abroad course, Information and Global Social Justice. (You can read more about it on the course website.) We went to a couple public libraries, and to the national library of Catalunya. I loved the furniture and book displays in the public library -- maybe it was just novel, but it seemed quite effective and fashionable.

Italy (Roma, Ferrara, Forlí, Bologna)

Then it was off to Italy, for the dreamy, dreamy assignment of . I went to the public library in Bologna, the freakin' Fanzinoteca d'Italia in Forlí, the Ariostea library in Ferrara (where Ludovico Ariosto is buried -- literally inside the library), and the National Library in Rome.


Santiago de Chile

Going to Santiago was a last minute, mildly irresponsible, and totally awesome trip. (My partner got a free trip to help out with an art installation he'd worked on years ago, and we splurged so I could come along too.) We went to the public library (they opened for just a few hours during a strike the week we were there), and to the library at the Gabriela Mistral arts center, and missed open hours at the subway station public library kiosk.